Domestic Partnership

  • Do both you and your partner have robust estate plans in place?
  • Are you aware of the tax ramifications based upon current law?
  • Are you looking to dissolve a non-traditional relationship?

Current Arizona and federal law does not adequately protect the rights of non-traditional families. However, there are some legal tools that may be used to ensure that families are recognized as a family unit to the extent possible under existing law.

It’s important that all unmarried partners have wills, powers of attorney, and cohabitation agreements to ensure the rights that married partners can take for granted. Unmarried partners can help ensure that a non-married person's partner inherits his or her partner's home and estate upon their partner's death. It can also permit partners to have legal access to the other partner’s health care records if he or she is incapacitated.

The Law Office of Shawnna R. Riggers, P.L.L.C., can assist unmarried partners in obtaining amicable resolution when their relationships dissolve.